Royal Eastbourne

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One Ball: £40.00 Two Ball: £80.00 Three Ball: £120.00 Four Ball: £160.00

10:52 exclamation mark
11:00 exclamation mark11:07 exclamation mark11:15 exclamation mark11:22 exclamation mark11:30 exclamation mark11:45 exclamation mark11:52 exclamation mark
12:30 exclamation mark12:37 exclamation mark
13:0013:0713:15 exclamation mark13:2213:3013:3713:4513:52

One Ball: £25.00 Two Ball: £50.00 Three Ball: £75.00 Four Ball: £100.00

14:0714:1514:2214:3014:3714:45 exclamation mark14:52
15:00 exclamation mark15:0715:1515:22 exclamation mark15:3015:3715:45 exclamation mark15:52
18:0018:07 exclamation mark18:15 exclamation mark18:22 exclamation mark18:30 exclamation mark18:37 exclamation mark18:45 exclamation mark18:52 exclamation mark
19:00 exclamation mark19:07 exclamation mark19:15 exclamation mark19:22 exclamation mark19:30 exclamation mark19:37 exclamation mark19:45 exclamation mark19:52 exclamation mark

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